II Conference: International Scientific Seminar. PIECIT. Inclusive practices of creative and innovative teachingteaching with ICT/LKT in schools of special difficulty. May 17-18 2023

This International Conference on creative and inclusive practices with digital media in schools with special difficulties aims to join forces to contribute to the development of tools and competences that help to discover and recognise creative and innovative solutions to the challenges produced by the pandemic situation that has exposed the social and digital divide existing in certain school contexts. It is a multiplying event from the activity developed through the PIECIT Project. The aim of this conference is to recognise and value the practices carried out by teachers in these schools. The intention of this Conference is to show the results and potential of schools that, despite the negative discourses based on digital divides, social divides and territorial divides, respond to the technological and social needs of their settings, making them true examples of inclusion, development and social cohesion. This invites us to investigate, explore, reflect, reconstruct and, in this way, make educational practice a process of research and change.